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It's the hub for what's happening in the shark world & inspired by a real 'Cafe'

The White Shark Café, located halfway between Baja California, and Hawaii, is a remote area where great white sharks gather during the winter and spring months.

Roughly 250 kilometers (160 miles) in radius, the ‘cafe’ was discovered by researchers at Stanford in 2002 by tracking the movements of four great white sharks with satellite tags. 

The researchers found that all four sharks traveled to the Café within six months of being tagged off the central coast of California.

Since its discovery, researchers have continued to study the White Shark Café and have learned more about its role in the life cycle of great whites. 

It’s believed that the Café is a place where sharks go to feed, mate, and raise their young – making it a vital part of the marine ecosystem, and it is essential we do all that we can to protect it.

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