SharkCast S1E3: Chris Fallows Sets the Record Straight on the Disappearance of South Africa’s White Shark
The disappearance of South Africa’s white sharks is no longer something new, but the real reasons behind this drastic change in shark populations have been overshadowed by the media hype of two titans of the ocean colliding.
Image courtesy of Chris Fallows

​When one stops to think about what has been taking place in South Africa, rather than acting like it’s a shocking mystery that the white sharks are gone, one should wonder how the white sharks could ever have been expected to survive.

South Africa already had off-shore long-lining then chose to add in-shore long-lining where the white sharks spend 8 months of the year.  Even if these long-lines didn’t entangle and kill white sharks, they would essentially be removing the in-shore food source of the white shark.

To learn more, we caught up with Chris Fallows, the South African native is an expert on great white sharks and their hunting habits. Over the course of our conversation he sets the record straight on orcas, the white shark disappearance, and governments selling out wildlife.  We even talk a little about Shark Week.

How does one survive without a food source?  Why would one stay without a food source?

Furthermore, South Africa intentionally kills white sharks along the shores of their north eastern migration route.

So they are killed where they eat, they are killed where they migrate, they are still undoubtedly poached to an extent, they are still caught heading back into pelagic waters, and their food source is being fished out.

But hey, let’s blame orcas.

Skyler Thomas

Skyler Thomas

Skyler Thomas is the Founder of White Shark Cafe and a long time proponent of protecting all life living in the wild.

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