Limited Edition White Shark Cafe Shirts Have Come Ashore in San Francisco
The latest t-shirt design from White Shark Cafe featuring the classic wave design on the back, with the mouth of the Great White surrounding the city on the front.

New ‘White Shark Cafe’ t-shirts have just arrived in North Beach, San Francisco.  This custom design incorporates the skyline of San Francisco and the jaws of a great white shark while also featuring the original, classic design on the back of the shirt.

The t-shirt celebrates one of San Fransisco’s most well-known inhabitants, the Great White Shark, which are an important ecological part of the California coastal ecosystem and has even been spotted within San Francisco Bay itself for a little sightseeing around Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a T-shirt in their size, but we do have one in yours!

The shirts will be sold exclusively at 901 Columbus Cafe for the initial launch and then available online.

Back of the shirt


Front of the shirt. Cup not included, but make an offer.

Come get your shirt at 901 Columbus Cafe in San Francisco. They are open Monday-Friday from 8am – 9pm. And be sure to have a cup of their excellent coffee, along with a wide variety of food to choose from on the menu. Google Maps link.

WSC Staff

WSC Staff

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