SharkCast S1E6: Regi Domingo Talks About the Challenges of Wildlife Conservation
On this week’s SharkCast, Skyler talks to Regi Domingo about ecology, the tremendous amount of wildlife connected to each other in Baja California, and more.

On this week’s SharkCast, Skyler talks to ctivist, expedition leader, and wildlife lover, Regi Domingo. Regi is a conservationist, producer, photojournalist, campaigner, and passionate researcher behind the documentary Game Over Fishing, a worldwide investigative journey with the goal of rescuing oceans from corruption in the fishing industry.

During her conversation on the SharkCast, she tells us about the challenges of conserving wildlife in the Baha Peninsula. And once again the discussion of Guadalupe Island shutting down comes up, largely because Regi worked on one of the boats that had a fatal shark incident. As a result, Regi pushed for improved diving regulations and was fired for it.

“Now we tell our trip guests when they see a hammerhead that they might be some of the last people to see them.”

We also discuss the ecology and the tremendous amount of wildlife connected to each other in Baja California. We also talk about her experience working on a boat in Guadalupe and the controversy of shutting down tourism on this island.

Everything is connected.  The vaquita is now gone. We fought to save it, the warnings were out there that it was endangered, and now it’s gone,” says Regi. 

“It’s sad in the sense of humans killing off an animal species, but we also need to think about the fact that the vaquita existed where it did for a reason.  It wasn’t an accident.  It had a purpose, a role, a niche in that local ecosystem.”

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Skyler Thomas

Skyler Thomas

Skyler Thomas is the Founder of White Shark Cafe and a long time proponent of protecting all life living in the wild.

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