SharkCast S1E1: Talking Tiger Sharks With Eli Martinez
Perhaps best known for his interactions with massive tiger sharks, Eli has branched out and spent considerable time getting to know a wide range of amazing species.
High fin five! (Image courtesy of Eli Martinez)

Next up we welcome back one of our favorite guests, Eli Martinez, Owner of SDM adventures.

Born and raised in South Texas, Eli is a wildlife photographer/filmmaker with a deep passion for predatory species, especially sharks, bears, and wildcats. Growing up in the heart South Texas, wildlife was always a part of his life. As Shark Diver Magazine’s former editor, his roots are deeply rooted in the shark diving community, pushing and helping to change what’s known about sharks, shark behavior, and how they are perceived.

Eli Martinez, a wildlife photographer and filmmaker, hails from South Texas where his passion for predatory species, particularly sharks, bears, and wildcats, was ignited. Growing up in the heart of South Texas, wildlife became an integral part of his upbringing. As the former editor of Shark Diver Magazine, he delved deep into the shark diving community, driving change in the understanding of sharks, their behavior, and dispelling misconceptions surrounding them. However, Eli’s adoration (or, one might say, obsession) extends beyond a single species, encompassing all forms of wildlife and nature.

His love, or, as he describes it, his obsession for all wildlife and nature is where his heart truly lies, and dispelling the “predator myth” is his life’s work.

Over the course of our conversation Eli  shares his stories and footage of several amazing species, not just sharks.

 You can join Eli on a wide variety of his adventures by heading over to

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Skyler Thomas

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