The SharkCast S1 E7: Thoughts on the Fatal Tiger Shark Attack in Egypt
On this week’s SharkCast, discussing the tragic death of a swimmer in Egypt, host Skyler Thomas poses the question what can we learn from this attack rather than just saying “sharks are terrible.”

For this week’s SharkCast, host Skyler Thomas discusses last month’s tragic death of a Russian man in Egypt last month who was mauled to death as onlookers looked on in horror from a beach at an Egyptian resort on the Red Sea coast.

Following the terrifying scene, which was filmed and shared widely online, a team from the Egyptian Environment Ministry said they were able to capture the shark, adding that local authorities issued a ban on swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports activities on several nearby beaches.

How should we react?

During the SharkCast Skyler talks about the reaction to the shark attack and suggests that rather than wallowing in misery and reacting with vengeance is there anything we can learn from this event in order to better survive in the future?

For those who have already condemned sharks, when a shark finally behaves the way you already say they behave, what comes next?

Expressing sympathy, rage, or even blurting out the “I told you so” is a predictable way to react to a shark-related fatality.  But could we also learn from it

Over the course of the discussion, Skyler specifically hones in on communications between humans and sharks and how to better comprehend when the shark is trying to tell us something when we are in its realm and how to react to it.

Regarding shark attacks, the episode points out that we as creatures entering an ecosystem to which we aren’t native, that we aren’t exactly doing our best to avoid these types of situations, and it’s important to acknowledge that nature actually spares us most of the time.

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