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Monterey, California, United States

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Experience the spectacular and world-renowned Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary from beneath the kelp! If you’re new to Monterey (or cold water) diving, a guided shore dive is a great way to learn about the area and explore one of our many, excellent dive sites.

We have a number of experienced divemasters who know the Monterey and Carmel dive sites intimately and can take you for a great tour. We can usually arrange a tour for any day of the week, either weekend or weekday (weather permitting).

A 2-tank dive tour will take a minimum of four hours to complete while a 1-tank dive tour is closer to three hours. We offer both regular guided tours, and private guided tours. For a regular tour group, there can be up to 6 people per divemaster. For a private guided tour, however, it is just you (or your group) with your divemaster.



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