OK Divers Resort & Spa

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OK Divers Resort & Spa

Bali, Indonesia

Image via OK Divers

We have been living in Bali Padangbai for a long time, very long time. Here in Padangbai we have built a diving resort with a dive centre, hotel, restaurant and Spa. OK Divers is the perfect place for a vacation in Bali.

With us, you will find exotic Bali, rest, comfortable accommodation in diving resort but also exiting scuba diving and land trips around Bali. Diving and non-diving active vacation in Bali is our specialty. Enjoy an exotic holiday in a Bali diving resort.

At OK Divers our business is to provide and organise diving and non-diving vacation in Bali for guests from all around the world. All of us here are more than happy to use the experiences of living and sustaining a long running business in Indonesia to the benefit of our guest.


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